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Management of electrical installations

Brussels Airport

Project overview

Our customer manages over 500 different electrical boards in its buildings. These boards are subjects to changes done by different subcontractors at different point in time.

An application has been developed to firstly manage access to the board documentation by having access control based on the possession of the right certificates for certain area's of the buildings. On the other side, once having access to the system, the different subcontractors can request access to a board and start activity sessions, resulting in work permits to be signed digitally.

All documents can be accessed and the required documents can be uploaded as well once changes have been conducted.

Management can always access all information, both on the boards as well as on the activities performed on the boards by the different parties involved.


Added value

With this web application, board documents are and remain up to date. Also, a huge chain of emails and duplicate files is no longer needed.
  • Full overview of all adaptations & document history of boards
  • Documentation centrally stored, accessed and updated
  • Different roles each having the desired access rights and capabilities.
  • Simplified administration for the clients
  • Digitally signed and stored work permits
Customer: Brussels Airport Company