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Sociaal care network

CLB's Vlaams-Brabant

Project overview

To serve clients in an effective way, CLB's need to redirect them to the correct institution. Therefore, CLB's all over Flanders keep a list updated with the different institutions and the kind of care that can be given by this institution.

The purpose of the project was to centralize this effort in an online tool, both for re-using the efforts as well as to ensure professional and correct information to be provided to the clients. Currently, CLB's all over Flanders can search for institutions based on a number of characteristics and select the institutions for an easy and professional export towards the clients.


Added value

With this application, all CLB's in Flanders can consult and maintain a centralized database with information of institutions.
  • Central system for all sites
  • 1 version of the data, centrally maintained
  • Automatic and professional designed exports for clients
  • Huge time savings
  • GDPR guidelines applied in the application
Customer: Vrije CLB's