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Oplossingen & use cases

An overview of some applications that add value to our clients

Examples of some effective applications

Below an overview of some specific implementations of web applications delivered by Desino. All applications have the purpose of digitalizing and automating certain processes for our respective clients. This goes both for commercial processes, interacting with the end-customer as well as internal processes. As always, we do it all tailored to the customer needs.

Management of electrical installations

Our customer manages over 500 different electrical boards in its buildings. These boards are subjects

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Tailored time tracking system

A custom application to track time, resources, projects and costs to generate forecasts, margin, effort

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Tailored planning & forecasting

An international consulting firm was looking for a planning & forecasting tool to allow different

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Sociaal care network

To serve clients in an effective way, CLB's need to redirect them to the correct

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