About Desino

With over 10 years of experience we can support you in your digital transformation project.

Thanks to our efficiënt way of working, using our proven best practices, we can deliver your tailored application in time and in budget.

Our applications aren't to be considered as a cost, but an investment in a more efficiënt future.

Joren Melis - Owner & Architect

Desino - Thinking along

Desino is specialized in the analysis of business processes and translating  them into a digital application for process improvement. Our services are widely appreciated by customers as we excel in the fast understanding of business processes and challenges, as well as in the approach to come to effective solutions.

When estimating a project, we typically work with visual wireframes. This way, the customer has an exact idea of what the eventual solution would look like. This way, allowing early phase adaptations before budgets are finalized and developments have been started. This approach results in both a better deliverable as well as better use of the available budget.

Our pragmatic approach is valued by a wide variety of customers:


How we deliver your custom project

Briefing: A first briefing to understand if and how we can bring added value

Solution design: Documenting the to-be application

Proposal: Proposal based on detailed solution specifications

Implementation: Implementation in a modular way to allow changes

Support: Support after go-live of the application

Extensions: Guidance in backlog creation and new product releases

Advantages of a web application

There are many reasons why we are crazy about building web applications. The main one is the clear added value we bring towards our customers. The investment has a measurable positive return on investment, which is what we are all looking for right?

Some customer save on FTE's thanks to a web application. Others ensure automated administration that is not only freeing-up time of employees, but also ensures the actual existence and correctness of the administration.  Below some examples of benefits.

Time savings

Custom web applications save time. In some cases different FTE's. This time can be used in a more valuable way.

Qualitative data

As data is centrally maintained, no more different versions of the truth, but one central, correct and up-to-date data repository.

Automated reporting

Some data needs to be fetched from the central repository, for example for corporate or governmental reporting. A web application slims down this process into a click on a button.

Ownership for the user

The whole of data can be managed by different users, each with their own responsibility for a specific part of the data.

Data privacy

A web application typically has different roles. Each role has it's particular access to parts of the data. This way, we ensure that users only see what they need to see.

1 version of your data

All data is centrally stored. This way, we ensure 1 version of your data, be it contacts, subscriptions, documentation, status, or product master data.

up-to-date data

Every user looks at the same data. Each modification is immediately reflected for all users. So no more analysis on a wrong export or version.

User friendly

Existing cloud systems often bring partial solutions. However, these standard solutions bring more complexity as compared to what is required for your end-users.

Correct communcation

Based on correct data in the application, the right notifications can be sent towards the correct stakeholders at the right time.

What's the feedback of our customers?

Need some digitalization?

Curious about our approach for you digitalization needs? Contact us and we'll connect to see if and how we could bring added value.

Use cases

Tailored time tracking system

A custom application to track time, resources, projects and costs to generate forecasts, margin, effort statements without any manual intervention. Thanks to this solution, the client is able to focus on its core business without losing track of the numbers behind.

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Management of electrical installations

Our customer manages over 500 different electrical boards in its buildings. These boards are subjects to changes done by different subcontractors at different point in time.

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